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Collaborative Creative Collective

Inspiring engineers

College of Arts Student Union (CASU)

CASU is responsible for accrediting the student clubs in the College of Arts, organizing arts week and representing the concerns of undergraduate students in the College of Arts to the University of Guelph community,

College of Biological Sciences Student Council (CBSSC)

CBSSC is a student council representing over four thousand undergraduate students in the CBS. Our purpose is to provide services that enhance the academic experience of students and provide extracurricular opportunities to enhance student life.

College of Business and Economics Students' Association (CBESA)

The College of Business & Economics Students’ Association (CBESA) is an organization created and managed by business students. The CBESA is non-profit and was founded in 2006 to represent the interests and enrich the lives of business students.

College of Physical and Engineering Sciences Student Council (CPESSC)

CPES Student Council (CPESSC) is the college government responsible for representing all the Engineering and Physical Sciences students. Our purpose is to co-ordinate and support the numerous students and student groups within our college.

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences (CSAHS)

Events, activities, research and awards from the Dean's Office of the College of Social and Applied Human Sciences at the University of Guelph (CSAHS).

College of Social and Applied Human Sciences Student Alliance (CSAHS-SA)

CSAHS-SA is a college government that advocates for you, working with various campus groups to improve your university experience, and to organizes events throughout the school year.

College Royal Society

College Royal is the largest university open house event of its kind in North America. Each March, the University of Guelph opens its doors to the general public in a campus-wide open house that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Community Engagement and Global Citizenship (CEGC)

We foster leadership, community engagement and social change through active collaboration and meaningful learning experiences.

Co-operative Education & Career Services (CECS)

Co-operative Education & Career Services supports, trains and leads students and alumni as they make career and further education planning decisions.