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2017 Violet Komodos

2017 Violet Komodos.

2018 Ivory Owls

Welcome Ivory Owls to GryphLife! We will be using this forum to keep everyone updated on class events!

2018 OAC Timber Wolves

The Ontario Agricultural College's (OAC) graduating class of 2018. Unleash The Pack! - Go Wolves!

2019 Golden Krakens

Ontario Veterinary College Class of 2019 - the Golden Krakens.

2019 OAC Grizzlies (Grizzlies)

A group of tight-knit, fun-loving students that make up the Ontario Agricultural College's (OAC) graduating class of 2019.

4-H On Campus (4-H)

4-H is a grassroots organization that is recognized worldwide based on a “Learn To Do By Doing” philosophy of leaders building leaders. The four H’s stand for head, heart, hands and health.