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Accounting Society of Guelph (ASG)

The Accounting Society of Guelph is a collection of students all sharing an interest in the field of accounting.

Adult Development Student Association (ADEV-SA)

Every year the ADEV Student Association partners with the community and the university to put on events that help showcase what the program is about.

Animal Biology Student Association (ABSA)

ABSA was formed to represent the interests of the largest degree program under the OAC; Animal Biology!

Applied Human Nutrition Student Association (AHNSA)

We’re a group of AHN students dedicated to improving student life on campus!

Artz Haüs Council (AHC)

Hall Council for the students of Artz Haüs (Maids Hall) residence.

Astronomy Club

In general, the astronomy club is for those who enjoy the oberserving the night sky and all the mysteries it holds.

Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Student Association (BASSA)

The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Student Association is the student government representing Bachelor of Arts and Sciences students at the University of Guelph.

Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management Program (BBRM)

This degree is a unique blend of applied and theoretical learning, with an emphasis on experiential learning opportunities. At the present time, two majors, Environmental Management and Equine Management, are available in the program.

Beef Science Club

Do you believe there’s nothing better than a steak grilling on the BBQ? Well, come on out to the Beef Science club and meet with students who are passionate about getting that steak from the farm to your fork.

Biochemistry Student Association (BiocSA)

BiocSA is an academic association at the University of Guelph that strives to educate, empower and provide academic support to the student body in the area of Biochemistry.

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