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Fantasy Literature Anime Sci-fi and Horror Club (FLASH Club)

Dedicated to bringing you the best of fantasy, literature, anime, science fiction and horror.

Federation of Charitable University Students (FOCUS)

The Federation of Charitable University Students (FOCUS) is a non-profitable, inter-university organization representing student communities across Southern Ontario.

FeelGood Guelph (FG)

FeelGood Guelph is a student-run club that uses unique fundraisers like selling gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to help end extreme poverty.

Figure Skating Club

Skating for all abilities!

Fine Arts Network (FAN)

The Fine Arts Network (FAN) is a student-run organization at the University of Guelph dedicated to advocating, and creating opportunities for Studio Art and Art History students, along with other students who just loves the Arts! We welcome all!

First Generation Students' Association (FGSA)

The First Generation Students' Association (FGSA) aims to provide a fun social environment while creating a support network for first generation students- a student who had neither parent attend a Canadian university.

First Response Team

Student-run first response team at U of G. For medical assistance please call extension x2000 on any campus phone or (519) 840-5000.

Food Science Club

The University of Guelph Food Science Club is a club for Food Science students from different years to get together and discuss all things related to food!

Free the Children UoG (FTC UoG)

Free the Children UoG is a student-lead chapter of the international organization Free the Children at UoG. Our mission is to raise awareness and take action to better our community and world, and empower UoG students to make a difference.

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