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Student or Student Organizations who want to use GryphLife to its full potential are part of this organization. Check out our resources, news items and support for making the most of your U of G experience.

Games Club

The Games Club is a student run club that represents all card gaming, board gaming, and table top gaming at the U of G.

Generation Screwed Guelph (GS Guelph)

We are a non-partisan group initiated by the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to inform and mobilize young Canadians wishing to save their economic future.

Geography Student Association (Geog)

The Geography Student Association is the voice of the students in the Geography Department. While many of us have a Geography major, membership is open to any U of G student interested in Geography.


Get REAL is a student-driven non-profit, that seeks to eliminate LGBTQ+ discrimination and bullying, while promoting inclusivity for everyone!

Global Youth Network (GYN)

GYVN is an international, youth-driven, grass-roots organization working to educate and mobilize young people towards making positive change.

Graduate Students' Association (GSA)

The mission of the Graduate Students' Association is to advance the academic and social goals of the graduate students of the University of Guelph through advocacy, social, and financial resources.

Great North Concrete Toboggan Race Team (GNCTR Guelph)

The Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race is a competition that brings engineering students together from across North America. This club will teach you valuable engineering skills such as welding, concrete mixing, 3D modelling, and much more!

Gryphons Read

The first year common reading program.

Guelph Asian Christian Fellowship (GACF)

We are a group of university students who acknowledge Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour, and who strive to know and strengthen our relationship with Jesus Christ.

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