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Lambton Hall Council (LHC)

Lambton Hall Council. Advocating for the students residing in Lambton Hall.

Leadership and Organization Management Student Association (LOMSA)

LOMSA's mission is to represent the HRM and LOM students within the academic community and professional field while providing networking opportunities, professional development and adding value to the student’s university experience.

Leadership Education & Development (LEAD)

LEAD is home to a range of student leadership training, services, learning and more housed in Student Life and is open for membership. Join us in exploring leadership at Guelph.

Lennox Addington Hall Council (LAHC)

Lennox-Addington Hall Council meets on a weekly basis throughout the school year to discuss issues and events going on in the hall.

Let's Talk Science (LTS)

We are an awesome volunteer organization dedicated to bringing engaging, fun, hands on science activities to kids all over Ontario. Becoming a volunteer is also a super fun way to practice your communication and teaching skills.

Life Choice

Your campus pro-life club, supporting moms in need and promoting the right to life of all humans!