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Marine and Freshwater Biology Society (MFBS)

MFBS is an extra-curricular group made up of students from a variety of science backgrounds. This group brings people together who share a common interest in aquatic biology.

Maritime Hall Council

We are the voice and spirit of residence, specifically within Maritime Hall. If you want to get involved in your residence, Interhall council is a great way to do it! We meet Tuesday nights at 10:15pm in Eccles!

Mathematics & Statistics Club (M&S)

We are a club that hosts social events such as lectures, Euchre tournaments, tutor sessions, and Pi Day. Email us at or check us out on Facebook for event updates.

McLaughlin Library (Library)

This organization has not yet updated their description.

Meal Exchange

A national student-run charity that aims to address issues of hunger in local communities using student-driven solutions.

Microbiology Student Association (MicroSA)

The UoG Microbiology Club knows that there is more than meets the eye everywhere you look. We organize regular meetings and Micro-themed events, including trips to local breweries, movie nights, trivia nights, and "Meet the Professors" mixers.

Mills Hall Council

Welcome to the Mills Hall Home Page! We're a close-knit community with four floors of approximately 180 students. Check us out!

Mobile Development & Entrepreneurship Club (MDEC)

A club that creates mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Molecular Biology and Genetics Student Association (MBGSA)

The Molecular Biology & Genetics Student Association is a student run organization aimed at supporting students in the MBG major or minor, or anyone else with an interest in the subject!

Mountain Hall Council (MHC)

From the top of the snowy peaks comes Mountain! We are the toughest most spirited hall of them all, and, when it comes to pride, we got it all. South Love baby! Get up to date with what's going on with Mountain.

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