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OAC 2017 Stags

The OAC Class of 2017 Stags is an enthusiastic group of students actively involved in all parts of the Aggie lifestyle. You can find us on campus wearing our dark purple leather jackets, showing off our Aggie pride and spirit. Fear The Deer - Go Stags!

OAC 2020 Buffalo

Go Buffalos!

OAC Graduate Student Council (OAC GSC)

Grad Student Council for FARE, SEDRD, SES, APS, PlantAg and Food Science!

OAC Leadership Conference

The OAC Leadership Conference is an excellent opportunity for students across all years of the OAC to network, make industry connections and build their leadership skills.

OAC Sheep and Goat Club

The OAC Sheep & Goat Club is a student run non-profit organization within the OAC that provides students with opportunities to learn about new technologies, issues and practices within the sheep and goat industries.

OAC Soil & Crop Club

The OAC Soil and Crop Club is for all students with any interest in soils, crops, and anything in between.

OAC Swine Club

OAC Swine Club

OAC Winter Games

OAC Winter Games are being held on the University of Guelph campus this year during second semester and is open to all first and second year students.

Off Campus Living (OCL)

Off-Campus Living staff and Peer Helpers work in the areas of tenant rights (including lease reviews), rental listings, neighbourhood relations, and commuter services at the Information Desk.

Off Campus University Students (OCUS)

To provide a social network and support to all students off campus, but especially to students who are new to the University.

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