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Pakistani Students Association (PSA)

Our goal is to provide an opportunity for us as Pakistani students to express our unique culture and beliefs and encourage positive interactions.

Parks Education and Adventure Club (PEAC)

Parks Education and Adventure Club is your connection to like-minded students passionate about Canadian culture, environment, and adventure at UofG

Peer Helper Program (PHP)

Simply put, the Peer Helper Program (PHP) is students helping students. Over 200 students engage in paraprofessional helping placements in 25 different teams across campus each semester.

Pencils for Kids

Pencils for Kids is a non-profit organization which funds educational programs in Niger, West Africa.

Photo Arts Club (PAC)

A not-for-profit purpose-built facility and arts space and group used for capturing, creating, and processing film and digital images.

Physics Club

The Physics Club is a student-run group interested in and enthusiastic about physics. All Majors, Minors and Colleges are welcome to attend meetings and events.

Political Science Society (U of G Poli Sci)

The Political Science Society is a group of students at the University of Guelph who share a love of politics, activism, and social responsibility.

Power to Change (P2C)

Hey! We're a group of students who love Jesus and love to tell others about Him. We meet weekly in small groups and as a community, run events to help others discover Jesus for themselves. Check us out for more information about how you can get involved!

Prairie Hall Council (PHC)

Residence home for P-Dawgs! We shine our pride in orange and yellow. We are one of the three residence halls located in South geographic area. Hall Council takes place every Tuesday 10:15 pm in the Prairie SSL. Learn what your hall is doing for you.

Pre-Law Society

The mission of the Pre-Law Society is to assist students interested in applying to law school and pursuing a career in the legal field, while furthering their knowledge and awareness of legal issues in our society.

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