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Real Estate and Housing Students' Association (REHSA)

The Real Estate & Housing Students' Association (REHSA) is a multi-functional representative body for the Real Estate & Housing Major (REH) in the College of Business + Economics (CBE).

Residence Life (ResLife)

Residence Life is a sub-department that falls under the Umbrella of Student Housing Services.

Right To Play at the University of Guelph

Right To Play at the University of Guelph is a student-run group that aims to raise awareness and funds for this amazing organization!

Ringette Club

Competitive and recreation ringette

Rotaract Club of Guelph

A Rotary International - sponsored club that carries out the motto "service above self". Develop networking and leadership skills through community volunteering and fundraising, working alongside the 4 Rotary clubs of Guelph and other UoG students.

Russian-Speaking Students Association of Guelph (RSSA)

Meet other Russian-speaking students and have fun together!