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Student Life

Student Life cultivates learning that has a lasting and transformative impact on students and communities.

Sanctuary Outreach Student Chapter (SOSChapter)

To connect pregnant students and couples who are wishing to carry to term with the resources that may help them do so. To bring awareness to the student population of the stigma surrounding being a pregnant student.

Sign Club

We are a CSA affiliated club, run by students for students as well as the general public. We offer resources for those wishing to learn more about Sign Language and respectfully provide a link between the University students and the Deaf Community

Slow Food

Promoting and educating students about the importance of good, clean, and fair food.

Small Animal Club

The Small Animal Club works to provide information to its members regarding the many facets of small animal medicine. We strive to provide a well-rounded source of information and hands-on labs!

Society for Ecological Restoration University of Guelph Student Association (SERUG)

The Society for Ecological Restoration Student Association promotes ecological health and sustainability through restoration projects in and around Guelph, ON. We welcome students from all faculties across campus.

Society of Computing and Information Science (SOCIS)

We are the Society of Computing and Information Science, a student organization for the School of Computer Science. We run community building events from Hackathons to LANs. We also run one of the largest College Royale events, Roboticon.

Society of Undergraduate Philosophers (SUP)

SUP promotes a place for philosophical discussion outside of the classroom to help enrich each other's views. Students of all majors are welcome.

Sociology and Anthropology Society (SOAN Society)

SOAN society is here for all Sociology and Anthropology majors and minors at the University of Guelph. We help facilitate opportunities for students to meet each other, as well as to make more personal connections with professors.

Spiritual But Not Religious Guelph (SBNR)

A non-religious campus ministry for students, faculty and staff who have no religious affiliation but are interested in values, meaning and purpose.

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