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Ultimate Frisbee

Competitive and recreational ultimate frisbee

Undergraduate Research Assistance Club (URAC)

Undergrads promoting research in the sciences.

Underwater Hockey

All levels welcome

UNICEF University of Guelph

Every child. Every opportunity. No exceptions.

Unite for Sight: Global Health Society (UFS: GHS)

UFS: Global Health Society is a team of students who share a similar passion - global health. Our team holds monthly fundraisers to raise money, 100% of which goes towards providing site restoring surgeries to individuals in developing countries.

Universities Fighting World Hunger (UFWH)

In partnership with the UN World Food Programme, Universities Fighting World Hunger works to develop and implement an action agenda for students and faculty that encompasses hunger awareness, fundraising, advocacy, and academic initiatives.

University Catholic Community (UCC)

What does "Being Catholic" mean today? Join fellow students in the UCC who are seeking the answer to this question through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Alongside fellowship, we offer resources for authentic practice of the Catholic faith.

University of Guelph Animal Interest Network (UGAIN)

We are an undergraduate students' club at the University of Guelph, bringing together those with an interest in animal science from a variety of backgrounds for discussion, events and networking.

University of Guelph Cancer Awareness Society

This club's purpose is to raise cancer awareness throughout the Guelph community through education on cancer prevention and fundraisers that donate all proceeds to Canadian cancer organizations.

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