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2017 Violet Komodos

2017 Violet Komodos.

2018 Ivory Owls

Welcome Ivory Owls to GryphLife! We will be using this forum to keep everyone updated on class events!

2019 Golden Krakens

Ontario Veterinary College Class of 2019 - the Golden Krakens.

Central Veterinary Student Association (CVSA)

The representative body of all veterinary students at the OVC.

Integrative Medicine and Alternatives Club (IMAC)

This club is meant to give Ontario Veterinary College students access to resources in the field of Integrative Medicine and alternatives to conventional veterinary modalities.

International Veterinary Medicine Club (IVMC)

IVMC is a student initiative facilitating activities and promoting understanding of issues across the international veterinary community.

Non-traditional Veterinary Careers Club (NTVCC)

Exploring non-traditional veterinary careers.

OVC Animal Welfare Club (AWC)

Animal Welfare Club exists to increase awareness and provoke dialogue on animal welfare issues within the OVC and the greater community.

OVC Business Club

We promote the importance of proper business management as part of veterinary practice through educational events including but not limited to lunch talks, labs, and seminars for student veterinarians at the Ontario Veterinary College.

OVC Christian Fellowship (OVC CF)

OVC Christian Fellowship is a club designed for veterinary students who want incorporate their faith into their profession.

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