Parent Organization: Student Federation of the Ontario Agricultural College

The OAC Sheep & Goat Club is a student run non-profit organization within the OAC that provides students with opportunities to learn about new technologies, issues and practices within the sheep and goat industries. A relatively new club to The University of Guelph the OAC Sheep and Goat club has quickly gained a strong following within the last two years.


Meetings allow members to get together to discuss new ideas and receive presentations from some of the industries’ experts. Tours to sheep and goat farms allow students to gain on site experience and communicate with producers. In the future we plan on visiting milk processing facilities to give members a chance to have a more inclusive view on sheep and goat milk production. Industry events outside of the club are also promoted at meetings to keep members up to date with new opportunities. Events such as The University of Guelph College Royal are used to showcase our club and educate the public about the meat, milk and fibre sectors of the sheep and goat industries.

Address SFOAC Boardroom - Johnston Hall
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON N1G 2W1