Parent Organization: University of Guelph

The Squash Club operates in the Fall and Winter semesters and welcomes players of all skill levels – from beginners to the pros!  Squash is a fantastic game, and the club is a great way to get exercise, meet great people, improve your game, and most of all have fun. There are two options for play:

  1. House League: House League takes place on Tuesday evenings between 5:00 & 10:20 pm. It is important that you can commit to a Tuesday evening game if you join the house league. You will have a 40-minute pre-scheduled match every Tuesday against another player who is in your general skill level. The level for new players is determined during the seeding night at the beginning of the semester so it is very important that new house league players attend the seeding night. League play, including play-offs, ends just before exams start. League players are automatically on the ladder.
  2. Ladder Only: ‘Ladder only’ play is an option for players who cannot, or do not want to, commit to a Tuesday evening game. All house league players are automatically on the ladder and each league game counts as a ladder match as well. Ladder players arrange their own matches.

For current information about key club dates including the information/seeding night and registration deadlines please visit the ‘News’ and ‘FAQ’ pages at: www.uoguelph.ca/~squash

Register at Client Services at the Athletics Centre or on-line at www.uoguelph.ca/connect.